Jen has met Yoann Gourcuff

Today on the blog, Jen tells us about her encounter with Yoann Gourcuff, the football (soccer) player.


It was a morning after he trained. Yoann is always one of the last to leave. I waited for him to see his grey car. When he finally arrived, the doors opened. When passing next to me, he stopped and opened his car's window. He was listening to his Ipod and his eyes were really beautiful with the sun.

He was really smiling nice and signed autographs. He gladly made pictures. He was a little bit uncomfortable but you know, Yoann is always like that.

Yoann Gourcuff and me

He stayed at least 10 minutes to make sure everybody had autographs and pictures and thanked us. He then left and wished us a good day. 

It's always so amazing to see him and thinking that he is so kind andit's almost like we are intimidated to see him. It's hard to come back to reality after such a pure moment."

Thanks a lot Jen for that story.

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