Jennifer has mer has met Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter)

Today, Jennifer tells us about her encounter with Jennifer Carpenter, of Dexter.


Jennifer Carpenter and us

My dad is friends with one of the directors of "Dexter" and "True Blood". He's a really cool guy and we've been to the set of "Dexter" twice. This last time (August 2012) when we got there he said

"How would you like to be in a scene?"

WOW! We were so excited and we got to film a scene at a beach front cafe. Our episode called "Argentina" will air on Showtime November 18th. We met several cast members, but our dad had us on a "speak only if spoken to" rule because they were working and they are serious about their job. We were speaking with David Zayas (who plays "Angel Batista") because he had said "Hello" first, and Ms. Carpenter joined in the conversation, talking about the show and police forensics, her character Deb Morgan's penchant for swearing, and about her movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (which we love).

We asked our father if we could ask her for a picture and he said okay. My sister Kelly said "Ms. Carpenter, could we..." and she said "Sure" before we could even finish asking. She was very sweet to us, as was the whole cast and crew. "Dexter" is our favorite show!"

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