Ruchika was at the Golden Globes Awards 2012

"Golden Globe Awards 2012

Being a writer by profession, I’ve interviewed several Bollywood (the Indian film industry) celebrities, so I never really felt ‘star struck’ so to speak. Not until I had the opportunity to attend the Golden Globe awards 2012. Call it sheer luck or God’s grace, when the Universe conspires, there isn’t much you can do!

So, the day actually arrives and I’m in a daze for the most part. After an unexpected limo ride, we stepped onto the coveted Red Carpet. And from that moment on, I lost count of the number of celebrities I saw. It all started with Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Glee’s Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison and me

Sisters Emily (Bones) and Zoey Deschanel (New Girl), the entire cast of Modern Family, Ewan McGregor, James Marsden and of course, George Clooney

George Clooney

The list is really endless. Throughout the awards show, we were surrounded by celebs, but the joy of being up, close and personal only came by after the awards were done.

My interactions with the celebrities were limited, but memorable. So here’s who I met:

1)      Sofia Vergara: I met her in the Ladies Room and she looked so damn gorgeous that I couldn’t help but let out “You look beautiful” to which she graciously smiled and replied “Thank you”. Also in the Ladies Room was the stunning Madeleine Stowe who looks amazing for her age.

Sofia Vergara

2)     Leonardo DiCaprio: Just as the awards were done for the night, I managed to see Leonardo DiCaprio up close enough to ask him if he’d click a picture with me. He even stopped to oblige when his bodyguard shoved him away. So close!

3)      Josh Radnor: The best interaction of the night was with How I Met Your Mother’s Ted at the In Style party. He was really sweet and obliged to take a picture with me. I told him he had tons of fans back in India and I had to get a picture with him just so that my friends could hate me! He laughed and said “Sure”. He also said “You’re beautiful”. That was it. My night, no, my life was made.

Josh Radnor and me

4)      Kate Winslet: She passed by me at the HBO party and seeing she was by herself, I requested her for a picture. She very sweetly stopped for a second to oblige, holding onto her Golden Globe trophy that she won the same night. Not only is she beautiful, but really slim. So much for all the flak she gets over her weight.

Kate Winslet and me

5)      Ty Burrell: Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy is surprisingly calm and quiet in real life. I spotted him at the bar at the HBO party, where he graciously agreed to get clicked.

Ty Burrell and me

6)      Emily Van Camp and the entire cast of Revenge: Fresh from the success of their new show Revenge, the cast was eager to know more about how their show was being received by audiences abroad. I spoke to Emily for several minutes telling her about TV show fans back in Bombay and how much we love her show.

The revenge cast and me

7)      Kelsey Grammar and Peter \Dinklage: In a state of utter randomness that is probably the result of a star-studded night of this kind, I congratulated both of them on their award wins. They politely thanked me in response."

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