Matt has met Jane Lynch (Glee)

Today, Matt tells us how he and his wife have met Jame Lynch, Sue Sylvester in Glee


About a week after finishing another Party Down spree, my wife and I were headed to our gate in the Los Angeles airport. My wife suddenly tugged at my arm and pointed, saying, "I think that's Jane Lynch over there." I said she was nuts, then looked for a minute and decided this lady looked too much like Jane Lynch not to be.

Not having much celebrity experience, we spent the next few minutes considering the merit of annoying another human being simply because she's famous. I decided I could try and be entertaining by asking her to take *our* picture, and with that plan we walked over and introduced ourselves. I did this by asking "are you ... you know ..." and she smiled warmly and said "I'm Jane Lynch" and held out her hand. It was a sincere introduction without any acknowledgment of the famousness; just Jane, the perfectly nice human being you randomly walked up to at the airport.

We chatted briefly about our respective trips and my wife's fresh sunburns, and Jane asked if we wanted a picture with her when she saw the camera I held timidly at my side. 

Jane Lynch and us

She hunched over quite a bit to bridge the gap between us – I was surprised at how tall and pretty Jane was in the flesh. I'm obviously more familiar with her characters in Best in Show, Arrested Development, Glee, etc. and half-expected someone a bit cooky or chatty. Instead, she was very kind, personable, and inviting – it turns out we were the weird ones bothering a stranger in the airport. But Jane made us feel like that was just fine, and left us with a souvenir we're extremely proud of."

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