Christy has met The Jonas Brothers

Today, Christy tell us about her encounter with The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers and me

The first time was before they were not even famous. They were playing at a small lounge in downtown Orlando for $10 a ticket. They played their set & played hits like "Please Be Mine", "Year 3000", & "Mandy." After they had a section away from the stage to line up for a M&G. We met them & they were so awesome. They signed my 8x10 photo for me.

Next time was at the DC Games, only no photos were allowed because Big Rob was closely watching. I got autographs from Kevin & Nick though. Joe was busy doing Camp Rock interviews with Demi Lovato. When Nick came to sign my brother's book, he saw I was wearing an old-school Jonas logo shirt & looked at it, looked at me, and smiled. I dont know if he remembered or anything, but that was nice.

I met them later that year at the Best Of Both World Tour. We went down to the location of the M&G and got there late. The M&G was over & they were leaving out the door and said "Hi" as they walked past me. My boss caught their attention & they did a 180-degree turn and came back. I got my Jonas Brothers CD signed and posed for the photo. Kevin was super sweet & outgoing, Nick & Joe were pretty quiet but still cordial. They then went to get ready to head on stage."

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