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Today on the blog, Sarah tells us how she Met Once Upon a time cast


Lee Arenberg and me

I became obsessed with the show 'Once Upon A Time' after watching the first episode because the show is from the writers of 'LOST' (My all time favourite show). Anyway, I was hooked right from the beginning. I didn't even realize it filmed in my area until a few episodes in after recognizing some locations on the show and looking it up! I visited the set for the first time about halfway through Season 1. Just being there is amazing-it's like you get to step right into the show! Visiting the set became even better once we realized how welcoming the cast and crew is and how much they love to show their appreciation to the fans that support the show.

The first cast member I met was Lana Parrilla and have seen her many times since!

Lana Parilla and me

She is such an amazing person, always showing her love for the fans by taking time to talk to us and give hugs. I met Josh Dallas Shortly after I met Lana. He too is amazing towards the fans. Prince Charming totally suits him!

Josh Dallas and me

Another cast member that always makes an effort to greet fans in Robert Carlyle. I am a HUGE fan of his work, and he's just such a great guy to everyone. Those three are always going above and beyond for the fans, though pretty much all the cast members are great about taking photos and signing autographs!

Robert Carlyle and me

Some of my other favourite cast members that I have met are Ginnifer Goodwin- I have been a fan of her work for a long time! She's super sweet.

Ginnifer Goodwin and me

Eion Bailey Is a great guy, too! He talked with us for what felt like forever!

One of my personal favourites is Lee Arenberg. He played Pintel on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies which are a family favourite in my house. Lee is such an awesome guy, always taking time to chat with the fans! I also got to meet Alan Dale who played one of my favourite characters Charles Widmore on my favourite show LOST. Meeting him was totally a highlight to my summer! He's such an amazing actor. Some of the other cast members that I have had the pleasure of meeting include Raphael Sbarge, David Anders, Meghan Ory, Jared Gilmore, Michael Coleman, Beverley Elliott, Gabe Khouth, the show's creators Eddie and Adam as well as a few that I'm probably forgetting!

Meghan Ory and me

As long as we are respectful on the set and do what we are told, the cast and crew dosen't mind us hanging around on the set. They really make us feel at home. I love watching them film scenes and hope to complete my photo/autograph collections soon with the cast members I'm missing!"

Thanks a lot. For all the pictures of that day, you can see Sarah's Flickr and Autograph collection

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