Jennifer has met Ashley Tidale (High School Musical)

Today, Jennifer tells us about her encounter with Ashley Tisdale, of High School Musical


Ashley Tisdale and me

I was just walking on the Las Vegas strip with my family when my sister said she needed a bathroom because she had been drinking a lot of water. We were not intending to go into the Bellagio, but went there to use the bathroom.

As we were walking in, we saw this group waiting for their car. I knew it was Ashley, especially because I recognized her sister Jennifer too! I was really freaking out and tried to act cool. I asked for a pic and I said "I'm a huge fan and my legs are shaking right now!" She laughed and said "Awww. I appreciate your support."

She was very nice and I actually cried after the pic because I was in shock at how lucky I was. Thank goodness my sister has a weak bladder!"

Thanks a lot for that funy story

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