Christy has met Demi Lovato

Today on the blog, Christy tells us about her encounter with Demi Lovato

I've met Demi three times. The first time was at DC Games at her hotel. I saw her & asked for a photo but her security guard said she had to go to bed already so she couldn't. Demi was really sweet & apologized. 

The second time was when she was opening up for the Jonas Brothers. The first 200 (not sure on the number) fans to pre-order her CD at her merch table got a pass to meet her after the show. I heard about this a week before the show and  made her a birthday card (it was a week before my show) in a guitar shape (it was pretty awesome-looking). I gave it to her & took a photo. It was really quick & years ago so I dont remember much of that night.

Demi Lovato and me

The third time was last July. I found out she was coming to Miami to record for Unbroken. My friend told me where she was staying so I got there at 9am since I wouldnt know what time she would be leaving to the studio. 

Demi Lovato and me

I waited all day until 9pm when she finally walked out and my friend & a couple of new friends all met her, got photos and autographs, as well as Demi tweeting out a photo of all of us together with her saying she loves her lovatics. It was perfect."

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