Mayra has met Ashley Benson (Pretty little Liars)

Today, Mayra tells us about her encounter with Ashley Benson, the actress from Pretty Little Liars


One of my favorite girls from Pretty Little Liars is Ashley Benson. She is such a sweetheart.

I met her for the first time at this club she was at after a movie premiere. I was standing a couple feet away from her, she was talking to one of her friends and I couldn't decide if it was a good time to approach her. After a couple minutes I walked over a little closer and she saw me so that's when I asked if I could take a quick picture with her. As soon as I said that she extended her arms as if she was going to give me a hug.

Ashley Benson and me

That was my favorite moment from her. She then put her arm around and posed for the camera. Ashley is one of my favorite and nicest celebrities I've met so far. :)"

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