Valentina has met Neil Patrick Harris (How I met your mother)

Today Valentina tells us how she met Neil Patrick Harris (HIMYM)


I met Neil Patrick Harris in Florence in April. I was there with my University friends and it was shocking, specially for how I recognized him. I was walking hopping in the street and one of my crazy friends said "I want offer you a coffee, and also to that young man with glasses!". So I looked at that young man with glasses, and he was Neil Patrick Harris! My crazy friend didn't know who he was, she was only joking. Neil was with his husband and they had sunglasses and they hid with their umbrella. I run to them and I asked for a photo. Neil said to me "Sorry, there's a lot of people, I can't", I answered "Pleaaaaaaaaase!" with puppy eyes and he said "Ok ok" and we had a photo. 

Neil Patrick Harris and me

Probably Neil hated me, but surely I loved him."

Thanks a lot for that story

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