Sarah Has met Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson series)

Today on the blog, Sarah tells us how she met Logan Lerman, the Percy James series actor.


I had the pleasure of meeting Logan Lerman last May while he was in Vancouver shooting the latest Percy Jackson movie. I had known he was in town for awhile but never had time to go to the set until then, mainly because they were shooting downtown and I live about an hour away in the suburbs, also filming info is generally very last minute. We got the information that they would be filming the night before and I headed downtown the next afternoon with my little sister who is a big fan of the Percy Jackson Series. They were filming a pretty cool scene in an alley, and I was glad to have my sister there to explain what she thought was happening and who the characters were, never having read the series myself.

I didn't really know what to expect, having heard mixed reviews about how Logan is with fans, but he was great! Some other girls that were there asked for photos while he was over at the food cart and we waited for them to finish before going over to him. We made small talk and My sister told him how much she liked his movies. I told him how excited I was to see him in 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. Logan was very gracious and polite. 

Logan Lerman and me

We got photos and then said goodbye as he had to get back to work. Brandon T. Jackson who plays Grover in the films was also there, he waved and said hi to us but he was in the middle of shooting a scene so we didn't want to bother him for a pic.

I think what made it even better for me was that I never go into things like this with any expectations that way I`m never disappointed when things don't turn out how I hoped they will, and when they turn out great the experience is even more exciting! I also believe that knowing my way around a film set and understanding how it works was a big help in making this experience a success. I have since heard from many other local fans that were disappointed they were not able to meet Logan while he was here, which makes me even more grateful that I was able to go down to the set on such a whim and have such a great experience!


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