Michael has met Darren Criss

Today on the blog, Michael tells us how he met Darren Criss, the Glee actor


I have met Darren a few times. So many times now it's Darren who will say "How are you doing?" I work at the Paramount Studios Lot in Hollywood where he shoots his show Glee and I am working as a producer on the Dr. Phil talk show. 

Darren and me

I have worked with Darren at many award shows over the last couple of years such as the Golden Globes, SAG awards and the Trevor Project. A few months ago, I was walking across the street at a crosswalk and someone was honking his horn at me. I was wondering who was doing that till I saw it was Darren! He is such a cool guy. 

This is only the beginning of his Hollywood career!"

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  1. He really is a one-in-a-million type of guy. He's hugely talented, was literally trust into the spotlight thanks to his breakout role on Glee and has still remained so humble and sweet. Young Hollywood could learn a lot from him.