David and his sons have met Yoann Gourcuff

Today, David tells us about the day he met Yoann Gourcuff.

"I went one day with my sons to see a football game. Yoann Gourcuff wasn't playing that day so we were really surprised to see him.  We couldn't go anywhere close to him first, as there were so many girls around him. He was nice and polite but really shy. The girls around him were crazy and some of them not really respectful. I've decided then to leave.

As we were leaving the stadium later, we saw Yoann coming with two friends. I hesitated to disturb him but my sons really wanted to see him. I told him "hi" and he answered, a lot less stressed than earlier with all the crazy groupies. I asked him if he could take a picture with my sons and he said yes.

Yoann Gourcuff and my sons

After the picture he signed some autographs to them and asked her if they were fans of that team or if they came only because of me. He asked them if they played and then, sad he was sorry but he had to leave. I wouldn't say he's a warm person but definitely polite and nice. My sons were delighted to have met him and bragged about that for weeks."

Thank you David for that story.

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