Riley has met Rashida Jones

Today, Riley tell us about his encounter with Rashida Jones


Rashida Jones and me

I had heard that Rashida was going to be in town with actor Will McCormack promoting her new movie “Celeste & Jessie Forever”. So my daughter and I woke up early and drove to downtown Dallas where she was going to be. I had my “Now You Know” dvd cover for her to sign.

She came out after her interview and came over to sign. She noticed my DVD cover and was thrilled that I had it. She called her friend over and proceeded to tell us a little behind the scenes information including that one of her co-stars, Heather Page Kent, is now on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

She was really cool and down to earth. She took a photo with me and shook my hand saying it was nice to meet me. Class act"

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