Kathy has met Paul Wesley and Torrey De Vitto

Today on the blog, Kathy tells us about her encounter with Paul Wesley and Torrey De Vitto


Paul Wesley and me

I am a huge fan of Vampire Diaries since the first season. When I heard that Paul Wesley came at the "Toronto Comic Con", we have decided with a friend to go. We took a VIP Pass that allowed us to go at a conference he gave with his wife Torrey De Vitto, have a picture and an autograph. We took a room at the Intercontinentale, host hotel of the convention. It was going to be perfect.

All the VIP activities happened Saturday. First, the picture!!! Several waiting lines.  There was a white curtain hiding a big space,  All the fan where so excited. Then Paul arrived and went behind the curtains. First time i saw it that beautiful day. I was so happy!

As we assisted to the conference too, we were the first to go for the picture. I was in the 15 first so my turn came really fast. When I went behind the curtain and saw him taking a picture with a fan, I was  admiring. He was so beautiful and it was weird to have "Stefan" in front of me.

Suddenly, I heard "excuse me miss". I stopped contemplating him and realized a member of his crew was asking me to come. It was my turn. Everybody was looking with a little smile, including Paul. I realised the funny situation and said "I'm sorry, I was in admiration". Everybody start laughing. I went to Paul, hug him and give him a kiss and said " I am so happy to met you" and took the picture with him.  After that, I went to shake hand wit Torrey who was on the side (I wasn't allowed but they didn't say anything) and told her I was happy to meet her too. And that was it for the picture part.

We then went to the conference to have good places. About an hour and a half later, we were allowed to enter the room, VIP first. It was a pleasure to see Torrey and Paul complicity. And Paul has such an incredible sense of humour. I laughed so much,He is very generous, nice and available. 45 minutes of pure happiness.

The last thing was the autograph signing session. There again VIP went first. When my turn came, I thanked him and told him Vampire Diaries was by far my favourite TV show EVER! He thanked me back and told me that it was a pleasure for him to be there.

Then my friend and I went to get our pictures with Paul that was ready now. It was really beautiful.
I decided to pay an extra and get it signed too. When I saw him, I told him « It’s me again…and again…and again! » we both laughed and I added « But this time is the last… » . He looked at me and said with a mocking tone « Is that a promise? » and I answered with a sad face « I am afraid it is… ». Then Paul and Torrey both made an « Onnnnn » with a sad face like me, Torrey took my hand, we said goodbye, and then I had to go.

Paul Wesley and Torrey De Vitto

What a beautiful day"

Thanks a lot for that story. If you want to see a video about that day, you can see here

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