Mark has met Darren Criss

Today Mark tells us how he met Darren Criss, the actor form Glee.


It was Market Days weekend in Chicago and our neighborhood is the sight of the festivities. In preparation for the events, I saw that Darren Criss was performing on a local poster. What a fantastic synchronicity! I'm a huge fan of Glee, Darren being my favorite character, and I'm also Filipino so that's a double draw to see him. As the weekend drew closer, my schedule started to fill up and the worst possible outcome of all this hectic scheduling left no room to actually watch Darren perform. My partner and I were stuck in the suburbs for an event the very same day that Darren was set to light up the festival in our neighborhood. Disappointed, I resigned myself to just hoping that someone would record the performance and post it online.

My partner and were returning to the city while the festivities for the day were concluding. Just to give you a background on our neighborhood- it's the party area of Chicago. Wrigley Field, Boystown, and the Lakefront all converge on this small neighborhood and with Market Days happening, finding street parking would be a nightmare. So it was with trepidation that my partner and I scouted for a free parking space upon our return to the city.

Driving round and round a quarter mile area for thirty minutes gave us nothing to work with. Finally, we saw what looked to be someone loading up their car. I pulled up next to them slowly and asked if they were leaving. "Sure, just give us a minute" said one of the guys. Apparently, it wasn't just one, but a few early twenty-somethings that were helping load what looked to be some sort of equipment into the back of a small car. "Great! We'll just wait while you guys load up. No rush." I said. We reversed the car and waited.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nice looking guy rush out of the house where the rest of the guys were bringing equipment to and from. It looked like Darren Criss. Yes, possibly Darren Criss! Do I even consider the possibility? But what on earth would Darren Criss be doing staying in someone's house in our neighborhood? Not wanting to miss even the slight chance of fortune smiling on us, I turned to my partner and said, "Did you see that guy? I swear he looks like Darren Criss."

"No way! What would he be doing here? Didn't he finish up his performance earlier today already?" asked my partner. "Well, get your camera out just in case." I replied. So he did and as the suspicious guy came back to the car from the house, I yelled out with hope, "DARREN!!!" He whipped his head back, approaching our car, and suspiciously asked, "Did you guys follow me here?"

IT. WAS. DARREN. CRISS. Seriously...WHAT??!!! In shocked tones, I stuttered, " absolutely not. We were actually just looking for a parking space and your friend's car or your car or who ever's car looked like it was leaving." He cocked his head as if evaluating whether I was one of his many rabid fans or simply someone who was actually looking for parking. And surprisingly, he shrugged and said, "okay, cool."

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I quickly asked, "would you mind if I got a picture with you?" "Sure" he quizzically said. I literally jumped out of the car and stood next to him complimenting him on such a great turn in his career, that I was also Filipino, and wished him the best of luck in the future. "Smile!" said my partner as he took the pic. FLASH! 

Darren Criss and me

Darren then said, "well, I'm kinda late for the airport, so I gotta go. See you!" By that point, my head was exploding and I replied, "for sure!" With that, he turned around, jumped in the car where his friends, were waiting and pulled out of the parking spot. As I got back into my car, I drove into the parking spot and literally skipped and jumped my way home, gushing.

The irony of the situation is that I didn't even think I would get to watch him online, but as luck would have it, I actually got to meet him in person! What are the chances? Of course, the next time I went to drive my car, I had a street cleaning ticket. "Who cares?" I thought to myself. "I met Darren Criss and if that meant a a $60 fine, then so be it!"

Thanks you s much for that great story. (And I agree that's a fair price ;) )

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