S. has met Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars)

Today on the blog, S. tells us how she met Lucy Hale, the Pretty little Liars actress.


This story is a little different because a friend of mine (Lina) knows Lucy Hale because she works on the set of Pretty Little Liars, which happens to be my favorite show ever! As an early birthday present, she invited Lucy to a concert we were both going to..without telling me of course. Lina and I were inside the venue in Hollywood sipping on soda when all of a sudden, LUCY HALE walked through the door and right over to us. I was definitely starstruck but I tried to not let it show. 

Lucy Hale and me

We sat down in the VIP booth and talked about everything from the show to college to dream vacations, etc. We even shared a bucket of fries and got up to dance in the mosh pit at the end of the night!! She is definitely the most down to earth celebrity I have ever met. Since then, I have seen her twice more, and she is still sweet as ever!!"

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