Kacey has met Lance Bass, Demetri Martin, Topher Grace, Chris Pratt and and Anna Faris

Today on the blog Kacey tells us about the crazy night she met Lance Bass (N Sync), Demetri Martin, Topher Grace (That 70's show), Chris Pratt (Parks and recreation) and Anna Faris.


I entered a contest late 2010 that was advertised on the side of my Facebook asking me to "describe the best night ever" to win a trip to the movie premiere and afterparty of the film Take Me Home Tonight. Well, around April 2011, I got a message telling me I was the winner with instructions on what to do to proclaim the tickets. Long story short, I got the tickets for me and my best friend and we were swept out to LA for 24 hours among the stars!

So, the first person we ran into (weirdly enough) was Lance Bass, just after the film had gotten out and everyone was walking to the afterparty. I didn't know who he was and nobody was, like, crowding around him, but I adored his suit and told him it was fantastic. He responded with a super bubbly "Thanks!" and continued walking. I then proceeded to get whacked in the head by my friend for not recognizing him. We later asked if we could grab a photo with him and he kindly obliged. 

Lance Bass and me

After the photo, I made a little joke in attempt to start a conversation to which he responded "Ah!" and left quickly, most likely because he didn't hear us over the music. It was actually pretty hilarious.

The next person we met was the big star himself, Topher Grace. A lot of people were hounding him, trying to grab photos and star small talk and all that good stuff. I waited around with my friend and my camera in hand until he finally turned around with a sigh and held out his hand for the camera, mutting "oh let's get this over with." I quickly stuttered "N-no, ah, we didn't um, I mean" and he just kind of looked at me quizzically. "I wanted to thank you actually" I said to him very awkwardly (as I was super starstruck). He then grabbed my hands, looked into my eyes (no joke!!!) and said super warmly "you're welcome." He then let go of my hands and went "no seriously what are you thanking me for?" and after I came out of my temporary shock, I explained to him that I had won the "bets night ever" contest, and he hand picked my entry (claiming it was the best written out of them all) and that if he hadn't picked mine that I wouldn't be here. He laughed and we joked a lot, and he finally told me that he'd murder me if I didn't go into screenwriting as a career because he loved the talent I showed. (And meanwhile I'm still like OMFG OMFG OMFGGGG)

Topher Grace and us

After Topher, we met Demetri Martin who was just standing cooly on the side of the room. We talked for a good 30 or 45 minutes and he was by far one of the politest, nicest people I've spoken with before. He was, like Topher, sincere and real and frankly just an all around great guy. However, he did say that he had been just getting over a cold and that he was planning on leaving early. 

Demetri Martin and me

So we said our goodbyes, hugged, and he left, and I swore I'd never wash my hands again.

We also met Anna Farris for a very brief moment. She heard that I had won the contest, so she came RUNNING up to me, grabbed my hands, screamed and jumped around with me on the dance floor, just before going onto the stage and dancing with her costars to some radtastic 80's jams. 

Chris Pratt, Anna Farris and us

And that was the best night ever. So many amazing people in one night. :)"

Thanks a lot for that story Kacey

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