Christy has met Justin Bieber

Today, Christy tell us about her encounter with Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber and me

I had won a contest through Y100 Miami (local radio station) for a Y-Underground. Y-Undergrounds are small, private concerts where you don't know who the artist is. 

Throughout the week leading up to the event, they give out clues as to who it will be. I guessed it by the time I had won the tickets. 

We got to the station super early to make sure we got a good spot for the concert. Once they allowed us inside, we chose our seats. About a half-hour later, he came onto the small stage & performed a few songs. This was when 'Baby' had just become a huge hit. My "little sister" was picked to ask a question during a Q&A portion.

After the concert, we all lined up around the room to get ready for the meet and greet. It was my turn to meet him & it was SO quick. Like blink-of-an-eye quick. I didn't even say anything to him, I think. But still. I met Bieber."

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