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Today on the blog, Allyson tells us about her encounter with Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling and me

I met Ryan Gosling the day after my 24th birthday.  I live in Cincinnati and him and George Clooney were in town for a few weeks filming The Ides of March back in Jan/Feb 2011.  My coworkers and I joked for weeks about chasing them around the city, but none of us actually did.  I lived in the same neighborhood (Mt Adams) that Ryan was rumored to be staying in for those few weeks, so I looked for him all the time!

Anyway, I met him when my parents and younger brother were visiting for the weekend for the UC/Georgetown basketball game.  We had walked to church that Sunday morning (March 6) and decided to take the long way back to catch a few great views of the Cincinnati skyline.  On our way back, I saw a very attractive man hop out of a black sedan and walk into Bow Tie Cafe (owned by Bengal's player Dhani Jones).  I immediately exclaimed to my parents, "That's Ryan Gosling!"  Both of my parents stared at me in disbelief, as my brother gave me a look of confusion.  That when I went into tunnel vision...  I darted across the street into the cafe, determined to meet this celebrity.  I flung open the door and scanned the "crowd" (there was only 3-4 people in the shop) for him.  Bow Tie Cafe is one of those places that is sort of in the ground, so at the door level, you step down 3-4 stairs before being in the restaurant.  I felt like I was on a stage!  I spotted him quickly at the cashier and sprinted across the floor.  I then interrupted him ordering his morning coffee and was (barely) able to spit out, "Can I take a picture with you?" 

He was so nice and immediately said yes, as my parents and brother finally stumble through the door, still bewildered about the strange man I was chasing into a coffee shop.  Ryan put his arm around me (ahhhhhh!) as my dad grabs his camera out of his pocket (who brings their camera to church?!).  As he's getting ready to snap the picture, Ryan turns to me and says, "Do you know these people?" referring to my parents.  I laughed, shaking uncontrollably with nerves, rambling on "yes, that's my dad, my parents came to visit for the weekend, blah blah blah..."  He then asked my name and introduced himself (Uh yeah, I know who you are!) and asked how I was, and I could barely speak!  Finally, the camera is ready and my dad snaps the picture.  I turn to Ryan and say thanks, then sprint, not walk, not jog, not even run, but SPRINT out of the cafe, still shaking beyond belief.  The whole thing took a total of 15 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity!  

The whole 1.5 block walk home, I was shaking, still on this incredible high that I had just met Ryan Gosling!   I couldn't believe it!  It was at that point that my parents point out that Ryan was actually trying to be nice and have a conversation with us, and that I, the blubbering idiot that I am, just ran out mid-conversation!  I was kicking myself!  I promptly posted the picture on Facebook to brag to everyone and have told the story 108343298743 times since then! "

Thanks a lot for that cute story.

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