Amina has met One Direction

Today on the blog, Amina tells us how she met one direction


One Direction and us

During One Direction English tour in 2011/2012, Purefans had organised a contest to go and see the group Live. I didn't think I had a chance but still tried, just in case.

In January 2012, I saw the results and I had lost. But some days later, a miraculous phone call changed my life. I was a replacement for the winner who couldn't come. The lost hope came back in seconds. Some days later, i received all the information and realized that I was going to meet them.

On January 11th 2012, it's finally the big Day. I take the Eurostar to London with my mum. After a brief trip to the hotel, we went to the Apollo Hammersmith Concert Hall.

The moment to meet them is coming. There are a lot of directioners, and another French girl who won another contest. I was stressed of course, but it's really naturally that I went to Niall and say Hi.I hug him and kissed him (on the cheeks ;) ), then she says hi to Harry, Zayn, and Liam who says "Hi, I'm Liam, nice to meet you"

They have looked and signed my Fanbook, signed my T'shirt

Then it was time for the pictures. First it was Niall with the Irish T-Shirt

Niall Horan

Then Liam and his Teddy Bear's Face, so cute.

Liam Payne and me
Harry and his curls

Harry Styles and me

Boobear and his amazing smile

Louis Tomlison and me

And finally a picture with Zayn Malik. Harry took the picture and it seem like it's not his thing ;)

Zayn Malik and me

I came home with lots of dreams and stars in the eyes"

Thanks a lot for that story. To see the whole story/pictures, you can see the video Amina made of that day.


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