Lillo has met Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)

Today on the blog, Lillo tells us about his encounter with Miley Cyrus.


In July last year, I heard Miley Cyrus would come in Italy.  After some researches, I found out where she was going to sleep. So I waited in front of the hotel. It was crazy, there were a lot of photographers and fans there. As I arrived early I was just next to the door.

When Miley arrived, she started signing autographs and taking pictures with people but her security told her that she had to go inside. I was really sad because I hadn't had time to take my picture with her.

But to my biggest joy she decided to keep on taking pictures with fans and finally came to me with a huge smile. 

Miley Cyrus and me

We took the picture, I told her I really love her music and she was touched. She is nice and so stunningly beautiful. I was really happy to see her"

Thank you for that story.
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