Jennifer has met Britney Spears

Today, Jennifer tells us about her encounter with Britney Spears.


Britney Spears and me

My dad made a donation to the Britney Spears Foundation and we drove all the way from NY (where we lived at the time) to Pittsburgh to meet her. We were told we'd get to take a picture with her, give her a gift etc, but when we arrived at the arena, before the concert, the rules had changed because Britney had been receiving threats from a deranged fan, so the "meeting" was more like a press conference for about 40 people. We were kept behind a rope. But Britney did give me and my older sister tour programs on which she wrote "To Jennifer (or "Kelly" - my sis), one of New York's biggest fans". It was cool, but it wasn't what my dad had bid for. He wrote a letter to Britney's mom, Lynne. She wrote back, promising we would meet Britney the way we had agreed upon. It took almost 3 years, but we got a phone call from her manager one day and he said "Can you all be at MTV studios in Times Square on Tuesday?"

We went there on the release date of her "In The Zone" album. There were hundreds of fans on the street outside MTV all looking up at the TRL windows and screaming for Britney. One of her managers took us up to the studio and we waited in a lunch room for a few minutes. Then he came in and said "Come with me." We were taken down a hall to a spot outside Britney's dressing room. We heard her talking and laughing in there. but couldn't see her. Her bodyguard, Big Mo, was standing in the doorway. Then, they brought us to the open door. "Come on in, y'all" said Britney. In we went - the four of us, and it was just us, Britney, her assistant Felicia, and her management rep, Johnny Mac. Big Mo even waited outside. We got to hang with Britney for about 15 minutes - just us! She looked at pics we brought, talked about anything we wanted, said she liked my curly hair, gave us a bunch of autographed stuff, took pictures with us and then made sure that my sister and I (who were both too young to go to the TRL taping) got to go and see it anyway! It was the coolest day ever and Britney was so nice, we love her to this day!"

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