Dizzy has met Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship)

Dizzy tell us about her encounter with Gabe Saporta, from Cobra Starship.


I can't remember specific dates anymore but my friend was able to go to the Honda Civic Tour in Louisiana and she had Gabe talk to me on the phone and take the picture where he's holding the "I love Deidre" sign. 

Gabe Saporta and me

Then the next fall, because I was in the Cobra Starship fanclub...I was able to meet and greet with them before their show in Idaho. Although I had already met every member of the band, this was the first time actually meeting Gabe in person. He was very very sweet and super funny. He really loves to have a real conversation with his fans. When I introduced myself he recognized me from the good ol days on Myspace because I used to write him a lot, also on his emails we used to write back and forth sometimes (as he did with the fans that knew how to email him, although it wasn't hard to figure out). 

Gabe and me again

I had to remind him about the phone call but as you can see in the sign picture, he's holding a bottle of liquor so he didn't remember it well lol. I asked for a picture and we took a few. He was very very nice and every time I've met him since, he's always remembered me which I think is pretty cool. He's definitely one of the nicest and most humble dudes out there. He will never unappreciative of where he's at and that's very admirable."

Thanks a lot for that story.

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