S. has met Katy Perry

Today, S. tells us how she met Katy Perry.


I follow The Grove very closely because they have a lot of celebrity premieres and signings. In November, I found out that Katy Perry would be making an appearance to promote her new fragrance "Meow" and the first 200 fans to buy it would get the chance to meet her, have their perfume autographed, and get a personal photo. I immediately pre-ordered a perfume, but found out I would STILL have to be one of the first 200 there that day to ensure a meeting with her, and line-up started at 4 am. Although they said no overnight camping, around 50 people were already there when I arrived at 3:45 am. I found my place in line and started making new friends. We waited until 9 am for Nordstrom's to open where we could pick up our perfume and get our numbers, and it was freezing!! Finally, we walked inside and got our Meow!

We would have to wait until 4 pm for Katy to actually arrive! Some people left to change clothes, but my new friend Victor and I decided to walk around the Grove since our parents were at work so we had no rides. Out of the blue, we ended up running into Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester from Glee!!) and Jennette McCurdy from ICarly talking to each other outside of the movie theatres. Since it was so early, no one was even at the Grove nor noticed them besides us! They were very gracious even though they were late for a movie to pose for a quick photo with us. I was able to tell Jane my favorite line of hers from Glee and she grinned and said, "That's a good one." After a few more hours of walking around, they led us back into a barricaded area to wait for Katy, and she arrived by 4:15 pm. First, she was interviewed for an hour, and then began signing. However, she took longer with each fan than she was supposed to, and it grew to be nearly 7 (when her signing was supposed to be over). They said they may have to cut off the line because she had to leave, but we still hadn't met her yet! We were all freaking out!! We did not wait this ENTIRE day (15 hours at that point) to be turned away! Luckily, we knew the Grove manager and since we were at the front of the line, he said, "Wait! This group has to go and see her!" 

Katy Perry and me

And my new four friends and I were the last four to meet her. Katy seemed tired and quiet but still friendly and welcoming. Since I go to school at Santa Barbara where she is from, I chatted with her for a minute about State St, shopping, and restaurants. It was short but magical!! I felt bad for the other 150 people who were promised a picture and didn't get to meet her, but I was beyond thankful that we did!!"

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