Tony has met Kristen Stewart (Twilight)

Today, Tony tells us how he met Kristen Stewart, the Twilight actress

"Hello everyone,

I saw Kristen Stewart at the premiere of On The Road (9/5/2012) during the Toronto Film Festival, her new movie coming out at Christmas. It was a very chaotic event. Hyped up as her first public appearance since her scandal with the Snow White director and subsequent Robert Pattinson breakup, everyone was quite curious as to how she would be.

She wore a fantastic dress. Her fans and Twilight fans came out in large numbers to support her, some as early as 10-12 hours in advance. She seemed to be genuinely appreciative of them breaking out in big smiles from time to time, though not often enough and at the same time overwhelmed as the night wore on.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the festival which summed up the whole experience. 

Kristen Stewart

She’s just swallowed up by everyone. You’ve got bodyguards, staff, 3 people trying to grab her who don’t look like fans, and then actual fans. After the movie showed, she nearly melted down crying during the Q&A session which was immediately cut short after her rambling long winded answer to a very easy question. Here is a video

The movie itself is pretty good and a breakout from what she’s used to doing. And yet, she’s not free at all. Her handlers seem to control every little bit. That’s a shame and unfortunate for Kristen. I felt bad for her because it didn’t seem like she had a very good time overall and didn’t get to do what she wanted. Hopefully, things will go better.

As a funny side story, Kirsten Dunst is also in the movie. Someone kept on yelling Kristen, Kristen to get her attention. I had to tell them, it might help if you got her name right. Guess that happens when you have a Kristen and a Kirsten in the same movie."

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  1. I wonder if you could elaborate please on how she acted and seemed "overwhelmed" and about ready to melt down or cry.

    Thank you!

    1. I wrote the story. In her interactions with the fans and media that I could see, she started out friendly. 15 minutes later was approximately when the picture above was taken. It looked like she had enough. There's only so many flash bulbs, autographs, and being grabbed by strangers that anyone can take. There's also a link to a video on youtube in the story, which takes place about 2 hours after the picture. You can see for yourself. If anyone can understand what she says, more power to you. Anyone can get overwhelmed in the moment.

      This guy I know also had an interesting story that happened the following day. He was just hanging out by himself, when Kristen comes down some stairs. He said hi. She said hi. He said, "I don't think they want me talking to you," as he points down the hall to where her managers/handlers are. She said yeah and ducks back into the stairwell. Too late, her support group has seen this and runs over full speed. Simple story, speaks volumes. At this time, her career and life is carefully managed/orchestrated, IMHO.

    2. Thanks so much for your response. Really great to hear a personalized account of the evening rather than depending on impersonal Media reports. I also read the account you write about of the guy who had an encounter with Kristen in her hotel--he is a film writer--and he was present for the QandA also-he echoes what you say about the rambling. He felt like maybe Kristen was trying to convey something personal to the audience.
      Your story and the other do speak volumes and I think her team may be protecting her from "unfriendly" reactions in the crowd--despite the fact that she has tons of fans--she also has many very critical of her now. I feel for her in her situation. Thanks again..Aitch in Colorado