Mary has met Nick Jonas

Today on the blog, Mary tells us how she met Nick Jonas


On the 17th June 2010, Nick Jonas was to be rehearsing for his up coming show in the West End- Les Miserables. Knowing my best friend was such a huge Nick fanatic, I offered her the chance of meeting him at the stage door knowing fully that that's where people featured in the shows tended to go.

When we arrived, it was already absolutely packed. Girls covered every area of London, it was insane.

At around 4pm, Nick's bodyguard Big Rob came out and announced that Nick would be coming out within an hour so as long as we were all quick and polite, he'd do photos and autographs etc.

In the mean time, I met DJ Talent (Britain's Got Talent contestant) and Lucie Jones (X Factor runner up). Lucie was absolutely lovely and absolutely stunning in person.

It seemed Big Rob had fibbed a little bit, as Nick didn't arrive until at least 7pm. But once he did, the atmosphere was manic. Girls were screaming, crying and applauding, shaking in anticipation. (My best friend included!)

Finally, it was our turn. He was very gracious and pulled my best friend into a tight bear hug, stroking her hair and calming her down. They then both asked 'how are you?' at the exact same time and had a good laugh. I took their photo together and they somehow looked like a couple. Nick was very relaxed with her and seemed much less shy with her than other girls. Just as she turned to walk away, he grabbed her arm quickly, pulled her toward him and whispered 'thank you so much for coming.'

Next it was my time. Nick was a little distracted and seemed to be looking around as if searching for something. In the end, I tapped him gently and asked if he was okay as he was behaving strangely. All of a sudden, Nick shot round and said in one long bundle of words 'hey, how you doin'?' I did laugh out loud. He was so petrified of me for some reason. 

Nick Jonas and me

Once we left, my best friend ended up meeting him many many more times and I'm sure that they weren't the last."

Thanks a lot for that great story. For more on that encounter your can visit Mary's Tumblr

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