Jason has met Lady Gaga

Today Jason tells us his encounter with Lady Gaga


It was March 19th 2009. My husband (Guy) and I worked at Odyssey night club here in Vancouver BC Canada. I had the night off but Guy had to manage the club till 4am. I was home when out of the blue Guy called and said "Lady Gaga was coming into the club". Her manager called him ahead of time to make sure the club could set up a secure spot for her visit. To be really honest, I didn't know who she was then. Guy reminded me of her song, Just Dance. By the time I cleaned off all the paint and drove over she was already at the club.

My husband met me at the club's back door and walked me over to the area they blocked off for Gaga. I got to meet her bouncer first and he was really cool. Guy already met Gaga earlier so he introduced me as his better half..

She was so nice and even posed for some pictures.

Lady Gaga and me

We talked for a wile about the weather being so shitty here in Van and then she asked where the bathroom was. I remember saying "it would be best if I took you upstairs to use the office bathroom. This way you can pee in privet". We both laughed. Her bouncer helped her to the office stairs where Guy unlocked the door.

After she was done doing her thing wink, wink, we had a little more time to chat. It was much quieter upstairs near the office bathroom, so we could actually here what each other was saying. 

My husband went downstairs and got us all drinks on the house. I remember thinking how nice it was just hanging out chatting and having a drink with someone new. My husband and I told her about our upcoming honeymoon cruise. That's when she asked about gay marriage being legal in Canada. So we chatted briefly about where we were going on our trip. We told her we were hitting 5 different countries on the cruise and ending our trip in London.

That was about it really. The club got super busy by this time and the music was kicking. We all went back downstairs and her bodyguard carried her over to the stripper pole. It was so funny watching her up on the pole platform spinning around and dancing. I'm sure she was a little drunk but held herself together very well."

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