Andrea has met Samuel Larsen (Glee)

Today, Andrea tells us how she met Samuel Larsen, from Glee,


Samuel Larsen and me

I was hanging out at Venice Beach with my cousins from Texas. They wanted to get a real California vacation lol
Anyways, we were stopping off at a corner restaurant to get some food and I look out onto the beach and I see this tall, skinny guy with dreds taking a picture.

At first, I was thinking like "who is this?!" but then he turned and I noticed it was HIM!!! I watched every episode of The Glee Project last summer and this was just before the season finale.

Anyways, I was beyond excited to meet him. I went up to him before he had a chance to walk away and I asked "omg, you're Sam Larsen right?!" and he said casually, "yeah..." and with my excitement, I asked to take a picture and he was totally fine with it.

A minute later, I had a picture on my phone with me and Sam Larsen. Thank goodness for smart phones, because it went public right away!

This was the first time I had really met someone famous, and someone I really admired. So, you could imagine how happy I was afterwards. I told him how talented I thought he was and that I was sure he was going to win the season! And he did the following Sunday. Let's just say, I'm happy to have met the first winner of The Glee Project."

Thanks a lot for that story

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