Christy has met David Tennant (Dr Who)

Today on the blog, Christy tells us about her encounter with Christy has met David Tennant, the Dr Who's actor.


David Tennant and me

I was working as a runner on the film "Decoy Bride' back in 2010 in the Isle of Man. We'd been filming for 2 weeks and I had met David along with Alice Eve, Kelly MacDonald and Michael Urie many times over the 2 weeks, even got to drink with them after filming on many nights!

They're all lovely and would often come into the production office for a chat, and I got to spend quite a bit of time on set. 

On the last day when most of the cast and crew had left the island, I was down on the beach with the left over crew doing some final shots, and David had a last shot to do on the pier. A big fan of Dr Who from the island who had been following David's movements on the island was getting a photo and autograph and I thought it would be my last opportunity to get one even though crew don't normally get photos with the cast!! 

But one of the drivers had his DSLR with him and said he would take the photo for me (thanks Warren!). So I got a photo before he headed off. He said thanks for everything over the couple of weeks which was nice! He really is a lovely guy, and the film is great too! You can see my name in the credits..."

Thanks a lot Christy for that story

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