Marine has met Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene (twilight)

Today Marine tells us about her encounter with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene, the actors of Twilight.


Robert Pattinson and me
On 22th of October 2011, with one of my friend, we go to Paris. There, we meet a Belgian friend we met at the premiere of "Water for Elephants"

The next day, we had put the alarm on 3 am, as we feared that there would be too many people in front of the cinema.

We arrived at the Gaumont cinema around 4.30 after having walk from the hotel and having lost our way. There was only about 15 people already there. They were there until the day before to wait, in the cold! We have been waiting there for hours, until 6 pm, when finally, Rob arrived! Ashley is there too. This time again, people are pushing us to be closer from him, it was crazy, I couldn't move and they were not even there. After some interviews and pictures for the press during the photocall, they finally come to us to sign some autographs. They are doing it really fast and Rob arrived in front of me. My friends and I can't take it anymore, people are pushing, we are stuck against the security fence, our feet are not touching the floor, it was just crazy!

When Rob is just next to me, I ask him  « Rob, Can I take a picture with you please? ». he then told me «Sure, Of course! » with a big smile.

I have finally it, my first picture with Robert Pattinson. He was going to leave when the guy behind me asked him for a picture. So Robert leaned on me to be on the picture with the guy. That was great! After that he left.

Ashley arrived at that moment. She is really stunning, with sparkly eyes. She signed me an autograph, but i hadn't time to take a picture. After that they have done one last photocall and entered in the theater"

Thanks Marine for that story.

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