Thomas has met Beth Ditto (Gossip)

Today, Thomas tells us about the day he met Beth Ditto, the Gossip's singer.


Beth Dito and me

My encounter with Beth Ditto occured in 2008 when some friends and I were going to see the Gossip in Cambridge. 

My friend Helene and I had gone straight from work to a pub near to the venue, we'd had a pint or two while we waited for the others. We were sat facing the window when I spotted Beth Ditto and her entorage passing by. 

Fuelled by beer I decided I would chance my luck and run out and see if I could get a picture. I chased her down the street (In a nice way not like a mad stalker) and when I got close I called her name. She turned around and we had a quick chat before I asked if I could get a picture with her. She was very obliging and was great fun. I cannot imagine there are many celebrities, that like being bothered in the street and would agree to having their picture taken with a bearded 6'3 skin head.

As for the kiss, as the picture was about to be taken, I decided I'll give her a cheecky kiss on the cheek. She then asked to see the picture and she laughed.

Seconds after she left the rest of our mates turned up, so they missed out on the chance to meet Beth Ditto. 

I bagged not just a great story, but a picture to prove it."

thanks a lot for that great story. You can find more on  Thomas Flickr

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