Ingrid has met Enrique Iglesias

Today, Ingrid tells us about her encounter with Enrique Iglesias


I met Enrique Iglesias for the first time in Paris on the 18th of june 2010. I was iinvited by a website with a friend to listen to the album before the official release. We have met Enrique just after at his hotel.

AT 5pm that day, I met my friend AucĂ©ane in front of the hotel. We talked a little bit in front of the hotel, hoping he would get out but nothing to do, he stayed inside. 

Finally at 6 pm, we went inside to listen to the CD. We were 15 people but only 3 to sing, have fun and enjoy that moment. So the staff noticed us. When they talked to me and I said my name they say "oooh, so it's you". I don't understand what they mean. How could they know me.

At the end of the album, it was time to leave to go to the hotel to meet Enrique Iglesias! He was late so we had to wait an hour. Finally, the moment has arrived. There is a red curtain and we wait in line in front of it.  ... Suddenly, the curtains open and Enrique appears. He comes to us and sign one by one a picture offered by the staff. When  he is next to me, I can't realise he is just there, I am stunned by his beauty, even better than in pictures. 

After that, it was time for the pictures. We were suppose to go two by two but we didn't agree and went one by one. When comes my turn, I go next to him , he puts his hand on my shoulder, I put mine on his back and they take the picture

Enrique Iglesias and me

He says thank you, I don't want to leave but I have to go back to my place. It wasn't long but it was great to see him."

Thanks a lot Ingrid. For more you can go on Ingrid's forum about Enrique Iglesias

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