Karoline has met Justin Bieber

Today, Karolina tells us how she met Justin Bieber 5 times


My name is Karolina, I’m 21 years old and I live in Warsaw, Poland. 

I met Justin Bieber 5 times in 3 days. I am a perfect example of person who was attached to Justin after watching “NEVER SAY NEVER” so much, that I tattooed the famous words ‘Never Say Never’ to the inside my left arm. 

Everything started 9 months ago (I’m not a belieber who has been supporting Justin from the beginning) but honestly a devoted/true belieber! My story is a little bit different. I hope that you remember Justin’s shirt he wore in California, “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS.” 

It was May 25th, the best day of my life because about 2 weeks before he showed up, I had sent him a package with two DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS t-shirts (one for him, one for Selena) and the sweatshirt inside from my own young brand LOCAL HEROES. Can you imagine the feeling when Justin wore a gift you gave him. It was the day when craziness had started.

I still can’t believe it! Basically it’s not over yet. Almost one week after this, I was on a plane to Madrid to meet Justin in person. I had to tell him personally that I’m the girl from “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS.” 


I landed in Madrid on June 3rd, 2 days before confirmed meeting by Team Bieber. Honestly I was scared that it was first time in Madrid, all around the Spanish language and poor me alone. At the front of his hotel, I met amazing beliebers. Finally I met Justin Bieber for my first ever time! Everybody started to run by the black posh car inside an underground parking lot. Everybody knew that it was Justin. The gate has been closed and we started to shout his name. It worked. I SAW JUSTIN BIEBER! He came with his big beautiful smile, amazing energy like holy Jesus. He was with Moshe of course and Alfredo with his video camera. It was only seconds but one of the best of my life. After this I was waiting in front of the hotel until 2 a.m. but he didn’t appear, only Kenny Hamilton, Dan Kanter and Scrappy. 

Justin Bieber and me

The next day started for me at 8 a.m. We were waiting in line by the front of the hotel for about 8 hours, in hot sunny weather to see Justin again. Everything for our idol. I cried so much that day because some beliebers broke the rules and Justin had to be escorted by the police since it was dangerous. Again, it was only seconds. That day Justin also performed on a Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero.” We got a taxi and went to the studio. The thought that Justin was on air, inside the building and we were watching the show outside, was more insane.During the show, he showed up at the window to wave and sing “Boyfriend,” along with the fans outside. It was the best moment because I truly felt like we are a BIG BELIEBER FAMILY. 

The next day was the day when I personally met Justin, his father, little Jazmyn and the whole team. I couldn’t imagine a better day in my life. The meeting was scheduled at 1:03 p.m. I was outside the Hotel Ritz one hour before. I looked like one of the beliebers waiting in front of the hotel but not really. I was wearing the same “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS” tee as Justin got it from me. It was the only wait to be remembered. 

At 12:40 p.m., the lady from Spanish Universal came down to get me and this was the moment when my heart started beating so loud. (I’m so happy that I didn’t pass out while waiting in front of his door.) Suddenly the door opened. I saw little cute barefoot Jazmyn whispering something to Jeremy with her sweet childish voice. Awwwww! I really wanted to take a pic but it wasn’t not allowed. I was there as a fan and journalist, so I had to be professional…

Yeah, right. At 1:03 p.m, the door opened again. Finally, it was Kenny with his friendly smile. I introduced myself, he also and we got inside. Justin was not in the room, only a lot of professional lights and a camera. Kenny started talking about the rules of interview, but I told him the reason why I was there. At that moment I turned my head and I saw Justin. Oh GOD! It was the most amazing view, feeling and everything. I couldn’t breathe. Kenny asked him, “Does it look similar? ” He pointed my t-shirt. Justin smiled charmingly and said, “Yes, you sent it to meeeee!” and hugged me tight. 

I was in heaven. It was like I was day dreaming. He signed my t-shirt that I was wearing. I remember only half of the meeting because I was still shaking. Justin tried to calm me down by hugging me, but it was impossible. I met my IDOL so how could I be calm? Accidentally, I almost kissed his neck. He smells so good, like a fresh confident man but little bit like a cute boy. We had a small talk because I had only 2 minutes, but it was the best of my entire life. 

One of the biggest surprises was that he wants more stuff from my brand! In my head was a big chaos. Then time was up! I left Kenny my Twitter and 15 minutes later, he followed me! Outside the hotel was still the small group of fans. When I saw them, I totally cried. Everybody hugged me. Thank you guys for your support. 

The fifth time when I met Justin was about one hour after meeting him in the building. I knew that it was my last chance to see him so I was waiting until he came out, it was also my last day in Spain. Suddenly, team Bieber appeared in the lobby. It was a really nice feeling when Kenny asked me why I was still there, he remembered me! 

The last insane thing is, that when Justin saw me in my tee, he surely knew what he packed from LA to Europe. A couple days after our meeting, he showed up in me “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS” sweatshirt in BERLIN. I just wanna say thank all beliebers I met in Madrid, to the helpful people in Poland who gave me a possibility to meet Justin Bieber and of course JUSTIN BIEBER and the team. You made my life complete!Beliebers remember to follow your dreams, DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS and NEVER SAY NEVER."

Thanks a lot Karolina for that great story. If you want to see those clothes Justin liked so much, follow @localxheroes and Karolina

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