WoodmoNY has met Bradley Cooper

Today WoodmoNY, tells us about the day he met Bradley Cooper,


Back in 2010 I met current leading man Bradley Cooper in New York City when he was working on his movie Limitless with Robert DeNiro. When we first arrived to the set, we waited around for a while, until finally seeing Bradley who was flanked by 3 security guards. When we asked for photos, he said he was working but would get us when he was done. That was fine for us as we totally understood he had a job to do and we appreciated him taking the time to tell us he would get to us later.

About an hour later Bradley walked towards us, still not done, but I guess he felt bad for us waiting and he walked towards us. We took our cameras out and he said "I can do them real quick now", which we thanked him for and quickly snapped each others photos. 

Bradley Cooper and me

His security didn't seem pleased, but Bradley was extremely kind and honest."

Thanks you for that story. WoodmoNY has a great website with many pictures of encounters with celebrities. You can visit it here

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