Mike has met Ben Harper

Today, Mike tells us everything about the day he met Ben Harper

"In July 2011 I was able to see Ben Harper play live at the Sound Academy, a cool small venue in Toronto, Canada. I actually had NO idea I was going until 2 days before the show, one of my best friends who worked for Ben's record label EMI, called me and said he has tickets for us !! I am a huge Ben fan, I play Weissenborn lap steel guitar like he does, and his music is truly inspiring

The concert itself was unbelievable, Ben played a blend of old/new songs, lots of lap steel tracks, and he played about 27 songs for almost 3 hrs that night !! He said that it was the coolest crowd, and that it was the longest show he played all tour. He played a ton of my fave songs like Walk Away and his cover of Ohio by Neil Young !

After the show my friend said we may be able to meet Ben backstage, I was pretty excited, and then we did !

Ben Harper and me

I owe my friend big time, I never would have been able to meet Ben otherwise. I showed Ben pictures of my Weissenborn guitar, he went nuts when I told him I learned Paris Sunrise #7, and he's the only reason I play guitar. He was truly humble, and it was amazing to meet an idol of mine.

Parting words from Ben "Keep on slidin' Mikey" "

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