Stephanie has met Jade Castrinos from Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros

Hello, today Stephanie tells us the story of her encounter with Jade Castrinos.


So in March 2011, They had a spectacular show at the Old Vic Tunnels. After they played on stage a lot of people cheered for an encore. They weren't allowed back on stage so they had an impromptu acoustic set afterwards outside in the actual tunnels. We actually couldnt find our way into the tunnels to begin with and we stopped to ask someone for directions and it was Jade!

She directed us in and after the acoustic set and we all sat around together and sung along which was really nice. Apparently they did the same thing the next night too.  They stayed around chatting to fans and we went up to chat to her again. 

Jade Castrinos and us

She was very sweet and didn't mind having her photo taken with us"

Thank you for that story, Stephanie.

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