Sean has met Josh Dallas

Today, Sean tells us the rest of his encounter with Once upon a time actors.

"I saw Josh briefly again near the end of September when I was working as the volunteer/staff co-ordinator at the Once Upon a Cure charity gala. Nearly the entire cast of Once Upon a Time was in attendance along with Executive Producer Edward Kitsis. 

During this time a friend of mine one an auction to have as set visit to the show. She invited me to be her plus one for the visit. We chatted a bit with the cast at their dinner table and I believe it was Josh who suggested we should visit the set on a day when they were filming Fairy Tale sequences.
Flash forward to November 21, 2011. The show had finally aired a few episodes and my friend and I were invited to watch the filming of episode 12 at MGM Bridge Studios. We were allowed full access to the studio facilities, they gave us a trailer to sit in, a copy of the pilot scripted signed by the cast, and our very own set chairs with our names


The scenes being filmed that day were with Robert Carlyle, Emilie De Raven, and Lana Parrilla. But Josh pay a surprise visit to the studio when he wasn’t even working that day. He was picking up some mail and came by to say hi to us. He walked right over to my friend and I. He knew our names, said hi and chatted a bit with us. 

Josh Dallas and I

 He told us a story about how cold it was filming that scene he was passed out in the river in his hospital gown. “Find me faster” he was saying. He said they had to bring in a mobile hot tub for him to sit in to stay warm in between takes."

Thank you Sean. 
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