Sean has met Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison of Once Upon A Time

Today Sean tells us everything his first meeting with Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison, the stars of Once Upon A Time.

"I first heard of Josh Dallas when I saw his name attached to Thor which was in production at the time. There wasn’t much information on him. But I also noticed his work when he guest starred on Hawaii 5-0 and CSI. I heard about the Once Upon a Time pilot back in February 2011 that had been green lit to film in Vancouver in March. I was a fan of many of the actors attached to the project. I saw some of the filming of the pilot, met Jennifer Morrison and heard many stories from the crew on how this pilot was being shot and how it would work as a potential series. I was excited to see it. Hoping it would be picked up. I started following most of the cast on twitter around that time. I tweeted Josh and others good luck and with hopes that they would get a pick up. He replied back a few times.


When the series was picked up and announced they would be debuting at San Diego Comic Con in July 2011, I made sure I put every effort into seeing that panel. I tweeted

Jennifer, Ginnifer and Josh and rather frustrated tweet because the comic con staff was treating their panel incredibly disorganised giving incorrect information. To my surprise Jennifer Morrison replied back with a rather long reply clearing up all the confusion. I saw the pilot screening and sat front row at the panel


During a short audience Q&A with the panel, I believe I was the only audience member that asked Josh Dallas a question. I asked if it was hard to learn all the sword fighting and horse riding. After the panel I managed to get into an autograph session with the executive producers. The cast said thanks for asking the question on twitter. I guess they didn’t think there was an passionate interest in their new show. And they all thought it was surprising I came all the way from Vancouver to see their panel. Josh asked me if I flew in just for that day hehe. The executive producers told me jokingly if I wanted to see them I should’ve just hung outside the hotel they were staying at. Haha"

Thanks Sean for that great story, 

If you want to see (a lot) more of  pictures from the comic con you can go on Sean's Flickr here

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