Rachel and Amanda have met Lady Gaga

Today Amanda and Rachel tells us everything about the day they met Lady Gaga


We entered a contest on a radio station website (we put 38,000 points in!) and won two passes to meet Lady Gaga and get two of her cds. Many radio stations have reward programs where you can aquire points and enter a variety of contests!

We went to the signing in Best Buy in NYC last month where fans could meet her either by winning a contest (like us) or buying her cd that morning. We were able to skip the whole line! Gaga didn't come out until 10 oclock at night but we definetly did not mind waiting.

Lady Gaga was extremely
nice and she even kissed Rachel on the cheek. She signed every person's cd and gave some lucky fans a signed farmville pass for $25 worth of farmville points.

It was definetly one of the best celebrity meetings ever!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin Blog"

If you want more pictures about that encounter, you can go on Amanda and Rachel Twin Spin Blog here

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