Marine has met Robert Pattinson (Twilight)

Today, Marine tells us everything about her first meeting with Robert Pattinson, the Twilight actor.


On the 27th of April 2011, I went to Paris to meet 2 Parisian friends. I hadn't seen them for a while, I met them first at the premiere of "Eclipse". The next day, we go to the "Grand Rex" to see the actors during the "premiere" of "Water for Elephants". I was really happy to see that there weren't many people. We have been waiting for hours, it was cold and raining, it really seemed long to wait. At least people around us were nice and I made new friends.

During the hour before the actors arrived, we have done so many interviews for French TV channels. After that we have received some posters to make it signed. I took three, one for each actor.

Robert Pattinson that day

Finally... Some Mercedes arrive. I hear a lot of screams. turn my head. And there he was. ROB.Everything goes so fast. I am shaking and stressed, people are pushing me from behind to try to see Rob or to have an autograph. Rob is going really fast he signs autographs.It's like in a dream, he is in front of me but I don't realise, he signs an autograph for me. I want to ask him for a picture. I didn't even realized but i was touching his arm to get his attention. Unfortunately, his agent was telling to go faster so I couldn't have his picture. He kept on signing autographs for 30 minutes, I took a lot of pictures.

After that, he came back and gave us a big smile. That was enough to make me happy. I saw him again when he went out after the movie. He waved at us, smiled and left. I was so happy. "

If you want to see Marine's website on Robert Pattinson, you can go here

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