Rachel has met Josh Radnor (How I met your mother)

Today Rachel tells us everything about the day she met Josh Radnor, the How I met your mother actor


I live in a small town called Bexley, Ohio, and nothing exciting happens here much. Everybody who lives here knows that Josh Radnor grew up here, but most people have never had an interaction with him.
I was at a big 4th of July celebration and noticed the guy in front of me looked familiar! I wasn't sure, because he was wearing a hat and had a beard, but I asked my friend and she confirmed that it was Josh Radnor.
I REALLY wanted to get a picture with him, but decided to wait until after all the fireworks were done so I wasn't interrupting him and his family. But right before the grand finale he began walking away. I was so sad that I had missed my chance. I decided to just get over it, and went around looking for some of my other friends. I said hello to a person or two, kept walking, and then found a good friend and started talking to them. Imagine my surprise when I looked right next to us and Josh Radnor was there! I was extremely shy about the situation, so I told my friend what I wanted and he was brave enough to go ask.

Josh Radnor and me

 Josh Radnor was extremely gracious and had no problem taking a picture with my friends and myself. I'm lucky that he was so kind and didn't get annoyed!"

Thanks a lot Rachel, 

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