Marine has met Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart

Today, Marine tells us about her encounter with  Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Snow White and the huntsman)

"After a sleepless night, sitting in the cold on Leicester Square in front of the Odeon, queuing for the Snow White and the Hunstman, We were just behind the security barriers. The red carpet is beautiful. Well actually it's a green carpet!

when the actors begin to arrive, the screams start from everywhere and in every language. Rupert Sanders, the director, and his wife. They are just in front of us to make pictures.

Then Charlize Theron and  Sam Claflin  arrive, they laugh a lot and hug. I take a picture with Nick Frost. He is super nice and funny this actor. 

Finally it's Chris Hemsworth turn, he is huge but adorable, he agrees to take a picture with me.

Chris Hemsworth and me
After him, the one almost everybody was waiting for : Kristen StewartHer dress is just beautiful, just like Kristen is! She signs autograph after autograph but unfortunately, she is forbidden to take pictures. She aks her agents who tells her that she cannot take pictures. She seems sorry for her fans. 

Kristen Stewart and me (sort of)

In front of the photographers, I take out my "Delicious Vinyl"T-shirt, (the same as hers, she sees it and wink at me while thumbing up to say "COOL")! It's so sweet and unforgettable those little things they do for fans.

After that, they went into the theatre"

Thanks a lot for that story.

If you want to see Marine's website on Robert Pattinson, you can go here

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