Djgnat has met Bill Hader, Jorma taccone and Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live)

Today, Djgnat tells us about her encounter with Bill Hader, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg the Saturday Night Live actors


I met bill hader after SNL in february 2009. my best friend and I were obsessing over the Lonely Island and we decided to go to NYC for my birthday weekend. we got stand-by tickets for the show, but unfortunately, did not make it in.

We went back to our hotel to watch the show, and before it was over we headed back to 30 rock. They have gates set up after the show for fans to wait. Eventually, the cast starting to come out and we ending up briefly saying hello and getting photos.

There was Jorma Taccone (SNL and Lonely Island)

Jorma Taccone and me

Andy Samberg (SNL and Lonely Island)

Andy Samberg and me

Andy, Akiva and Jorma nicely answered our questions and show their love to Angela Lansburry, as you will see in the video

And others like Bill Hader (SNL)

Bill Hader and me

Even though it was quick, Bill Hader seemed pretty awesome."

Thanks a lot for that story

If you want to see the (great) video of that day, you can watch this

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