Kevin has met Darren Criss and Ashley Fink (Glee)

Today, Kevin tells us how he met Darren Criss and Ashley Fink, actors from Glee, for the fist time.


On July 3 we took photos for NOH8 something that was discussed on one of the first episodes of the 3rd season. We took the photos with only our BTW shirts but the rule was white shirts only. We love the photos because they express what we feel about how the US government silences us on the issue of our marriage. We face discrimination by the US government all the time

Ashley Fink, Darren Criss and us

So Glee is political for us and many int the United States. When you see the signs for NOH8 in Glee it is for our struggle. We have photos with Jane Lynch and her wife Joan Embry, Matt Morison, Ryan Murphy, Chris Colfer, Ashley Fink, Darren Criss and one with just me and Cory."

Thanks a lot for that great story.

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