Lanie has met Caleb Turman (Forever the Sickest Kids)

Today, Lanie tells us how she met Caleb Turman from Forever the Sickest Kids

" Hello, 

I love Forever the Sickest Kids and went to see them after a concert. 

The concert was great and after it, I spotted Caleb Turman. I was a little bit shy to talk to him but he was so nice I soon forgot my scare. :D 

We talked for some minutes and then I asked him for a picture before he left. He said yes, with no problem. I was ready to have normal-pose-for-a-fan-picture when THAT happened

Caleb Turman and me
It took me by surprise lol. He was so funny and nice it's a great memory. I'm really happy I finally decided to go and talk to him"

Thanks a lot Lanie for that story. 

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