Alec has met Jeff Buckley

Today on the blog Alec tells us how he met Jeff Buckley


Jeff Buckley was the opening act to Juliana Hatfield when I went to see him in Philly at The Troc. I liked Juliana at the time, but I was there to see and hear Jeff.

He was amazing. I left by the time Juliana came on. After making it to the lobby I was staring at all the Jeff merchandise for sale there. That's when I spotted Jeff. He was just feet behind me talking to people. After a bit I had my chance to talk to Jeff. He was exactly as you would imagine him to be. He gave off an aura of creativity. He was extremely good-looking. He actually saw and remembered me from the audience and said, "You were in front, right? Yeah I saw you!" . I said that I found his Sin-é EP and it was hard for me to pronounce the word Sin-é. He told me how to pronounce it and I apologized for getting it wrong. "That's OK. A lot of people get it wrong." I said
that I wanted a picture with him but that I left my camera in my car because they didn't allow photos to be taken in the venue. He told me to wait for him outside, in front of the Troc because he and the band had to pack up their instruments soon. He said, "And remember… Don't leave until we get a picture together.

Jeff Buckley and me

I waited for him and he came. That guy was great. I feel honored to have met him. "

Thanks a lot for that story.                                      

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