Bri has met Kellan Lutz (Twilight)

Today Bri tells us about her encounter with Kellan Lutz, the Twilight actor


In March of 2008 I was lucky enough to be an extra in the first Twilight film. I met Kellan Lutz on the first day I filmed. It was when the Cullens are in the lunch room. I had some time off camera. I was still in the cafeteria, but not being used. My friend, who was there, had a scrapbook for Kellan, who played Emmett. She helped run a website about him, and was a huge fan. He was sitting right near us, but she was too nervous to talk to him. I had no idea who he was, so I wasn't nervous at all. I just went up to him and said "Hey are you Kellan?" He invited me to sit by him and we just chatted for about 20 minutes. He asked my name and shook my hand. I told him about the scrapbook, and then we just talked about Portland, the weather, his vampire contacts, his family, South Park, and lots of other stuff. He was very nice and friendly and down to earth. He got pulled away to keep shooting, but told me he would meet my friend and I at the end of the day to get the fanbook. We waited for him at the end of the day, but weren't able to make contact with him. My friend was really disappointed. She'd never talked to him when I was chatting with him, because she was still too nervous.

The next day, during our lunch time, I just happened to be going back to the lunch tables to get some food and Kellan was wandering, so I just said 'hello' to him as he passed. He grinned, came straight to me, and slung his arm around my shoulders. He told us "I waited for you yesterday!" and I told him "I was waiting for YOU!" I guess we had just missed each other. I told him my friend still wanted to give him the book, so I grabbed her, and she, Kellan and I went to the empty auditorium(we were shooting in a high school) and sat on the steps to read the book. I was sitting by him, and he said "Scoot closer, you're too far away!" so I was super close to him. We got some photos taken with him.

Kellan Lutz and me            

Then we all decided to head back to lunch. When I gave him a hug when he was leaving he said "come on, give me a REAL hug." He was just very sweet and generous with his time. Like I said, I had no idea who he was at that point, but he definitely made a fan of me"

Thanks a lot Bri. 

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