Amanda have met Samuel Larsen (Glee)

Today Amanda tells us about the day she met met Samuel Larsen


I met him at the Teen Choice Awards 2011. The award ceremony was over and I was leaving the Gibson Amphitheatre when suddenly I almost bumped into him. I looked at him smiling and said:
- I know you!
He smiled back and replied:
- Really?!
And I told him he was my favorite contestant on Glee Project, and that I expected him to win!
He was very happy and thanked me. So I asked to take a picture with him, and he was suuuper cute and polite and accepted. 

Samuel Larsen and me

The result is that the photo you are seeing :)

And one thing must be said: He’s the kind of person who looks at you straight in your eye, and he is muuuuch more handsome and charming in person!"

Thank you Amanda, 

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