Rachel and Amanda have met Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries)

Today we've got Rachel and Amanda from The Twin Spin Blog . 

"We met Nina Dobrev because we got tickets for a Jimmy Fallon taping.

We were unaware that the timing of the show changed and we were too late to be allowed into the show. It turned out to be better for us because we stood near the security and they let us hang around to see Nina leave the show.

We waited around for a few hours and Joel Mchale came out first.No one was there he happily took a picture with us.Nina came out much later, after the show ended and the crowd left. There were a lot of photographers and people out there. She was quickly leaving with a lot of people and we asked her for a picture. Her security guards said no, but Nina said of course she would take a picture. We were shaking so much and could barely take the picture

Nina Dobrev and us

We told her we loved her show and she seemed really appreciative about it. It was all very quick and very amazing!"

Well thank you girls for that encounter story

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